Claims are radial areas around you monument providing protection from a midnight decay and offering additional options for guild management to configure permissions. There are two types of a guild claim areas with a separate set of rules and permissions.


  • Town claim. A permanent radius of 20 tiles
  • City claim. Zero value radius for a fresh new monument and grows together with upgrade progress bar and monument level.

Depending on a diplomacy state you will see other players' claims in a different color. Neutral lands for example


  • War - Red
  • Neutral - Yellow
  • Ally - Blue
  • Own lands - Green

Pay attention to these colors as if you cross Neutral lands border, Claim owners will be able to use "Trespassers!" ability, mark you as a criminal for a short time and kill without Karma loss. An additional message about border crossing will appear in a system chat informing you of potential danger. While you are located on an enemy (Red) claim you can be killed without any consequences to karma even without using "Trespassers!" ability.

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