Guild monument required to claim some lands for you and your mates, secure buildings inside claim from a decay and protect vital resources from being pillaged by other, aggressive players. Guild monument level two and higher will be displayed on a global map visible to all other players.

In order to build a guild monument, you have to fulfill next mandatory requirements

  • Be a leader
  • 10+ guild members
  • Start construction on any tiles except ones below
    • Metal Ore
    • Snow
    • Swamp
    • Crops
  • Must be outside "Green zone" - only private monuments could be built in the "Green" zones
  • Must be outside "Protected claim" - blue coloured claim immidiatly outside "Green" zones and such claims also cover "Natives" encampments.
  • Fief (smallest rectangle section on the map) must not be occupied by another guild's claim.

After you successfully comply with all requirements, monument construction can be started. Find a suitable place, equip an appropriate instrument (Hammer) and prepare materials from the list below

Material name


Hardwood billet




Shaped rock


Any preparations with a positive effect


Initiate a construction dialog but right-clicking on a tile, choosing "Build" > "the Monument" option



Next step is to choose the location and desired rotation angle


Basement construction will be initiated. As soon as it completed you should place prepared materials inside the monument basement window and press Build button. Couple iteration of build action might be required.


Voila, guild monument is built and you can check your claim area by pressing an F4 button or by toggling area visibility with Ctrl+F4 shortcut



There are a couple of high-level buildings in the game which offer you a possibility to place guild monument inside them. Discover these fortifications by leveling your "builder" skills.

The next action you will definitely like to do is to make a sacrifice to your monument (coins). A fresh new monument contains very little support points which are critical to maintain your claim alive and upgrade it further. Level 1 monuments with zero support points and an empty upgrade bars are automatically destroyed at midnight (game time).



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