In Life is Feudal: MMO terraforming feature сan change the terrain almost in every way. Here, you can dig a giant hill, a deep mine and perform almost every kind of earthworks.


Observing lands. “Observe” option allows the player to view the terrain height in an 11 x 11 grid. This special view can be triggered with an F3 hotkey.  Each tile in the Observe mode within the grid has a number representing their height above sea level and these numbers are color-coded to denote the height difference between every other tile in the nearby area. The tiles are highlighted with white for unflattened tile, green for flattened tile and red for blocked tiles


The material is taken off or poured on the ground also affect the texture of the tile an example would be unscathed fertile soils are textured as green grasslands in the world, but if a player decides to pour a fertile soil on top it the texture will be shown as brown;

After you’ve selected the area you want to work with, it’s time to proceed to Shovel digging. In Life is Feudal: MMO you can either raise or lower the selected tile by 0.1 meters of its current height. When lowering terrain, a player gains a pile of material removed from the ground which can be spent on raising the ground later. You can usually pick up what you have dropped, except for paving, which takes 30 units of rock, while lowering the terrain on paved tile gives you back only 15 units of rock. Solid terrain (rock, marble, granite, ore) can not be lowered, only mined.

When you will finally satisfy your creative intentions, you may finally proceed to Terrain Flattening. Remember: no matter what earthworks were done, you cannot build almost anything on an uneven ground. The action works by copying the height of the tile the player is standing on to the tile that is being flattened, which means that the player will either lower or raise the ground first before the tile will be flattened.


The player can also flatten the terrain in an upward or downward slope where these tiles are sloped in a specific direction based where the player is facing, but only a few structures, such as fences and walls, can be built on the sloped terrain.

Different materials have different flow properties, but none of them can be 2+ meters higher than any neighbor tile

While terraform you will notice that you become overburden pretty fast. Moving soil on a distance can be a hard routine. Try to collaborate with experience carpenter and he will offer you couple advance transportation services.

Extensive terraforming can make ground around you looks pretty barren and if you are not planning to build something on this location you might think about restoring soil to its nature ‘untouched’ state. Some Farming skills and Water will be required.



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