Provide an instrument to attack enemy claims. These instances are hosted on dedicated servers that main focus is PVP. Each battle instance hosted on a specially configured environment without players' terraform changes, created objects,  midnight maintenances and with other arrangements to prioritize performance.


There are also plans to use Instance Battles mechanics to host Arena instances or just a pure PVP battles for training purposes.


Only guilds with monument level 2 or higher can initiate such battles. They are protected from being attacked and cannot be a battle initiator either. At the same moment, any player can join any battle if he/she manage to reach a battle totem or guild Monument of one of the participants (will be described in details in the corresponding article)


While anyone can participate in the Battles, they are mainly designed for a guild vs guild combat, and there are certain penalties for a guild which was defeated.

  • Realm lands radius decreased. The formula is  7 - Guild monument level. Level 2 guild will lose 5 tiles in their realm claim radius. Higher monument level = better protection.
  • Can’t initiate new battles for 3 real days (1 day if it's Lesser Battle)


Detailed article:

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