Build in a wilderness

You can find a place which suits you perfectly, it's near source of resources, hidden from unwanted attention and with a perfect view... Yes, you can build your first house here or construct a simple production line, but

  • every building and item will lose 10% of its durability daily (at in-game midnight)
  • anyone fortunate enough to find your discreet place can interact with any objects, loot, replace or just destroy them

It's a recommendation to claim such place with a personal claim

Personal lands

The main point of personal claims is to provide protection for objects and all your belongings inside protection area. It's impossible to damage, loot or interact with objects inside personal claim area

Personal claims can be shown by pressing F4 hotkey or toggled by Ctrl+F4

A detailed guide to Personal claim can be found here:


Guild lands

Player's owned organization to collaborate and work together. Additional functions become available as guild level increases

A detailed guide to Guild claim can be found here:

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