Prepare your fields. In order to support your needs and prepare a reasonable stock of meals ingredients, you will require a lot of place. Choose place carefully

  • Region will influence how often your crops will benefit from appropriate weather days
  • By establishing your fields inside claim area you will secure crops from unwanted visitors, but occupy precious claim lands
  • Flattening you fields will only bring visual satisfaction to players passing nearby, no influence on crops yield

Crops will only grow on fertile soil tiles. You can find it by Inspecting soil or just by looking at it


Next thing to do before starting your farm is to Plow your fields. It can be performed manually tile by tile from Farming skill (do not forget to equip a shovel)


Or automated a bit by building (Carpentry skill) and using (Advanced farming skill) Plough


Our test field is ready..almost


Check soil quality by applying General action → Inspect skill. Low-quality soil = low-quality crops


Ask your friends or experienced stockbreeder for somу Dung. You’ll be able to fertilize soil and improve its quality. Farming → Fertilize


Final crops quality  will depend on

  • Soil quality
  • Seeds quality
  • Your farming skills


Now the field is ready and we can sow seeds. Seeds can be found by

  • Searching for seeds into a wilderness. Farming → Gather Wild Plants on Fertile soil (unplowed) tiles


  • Asking other players for spare seeds. Collaboration is a key to succeed
  • Harvesting crops from other fields
  • Killing or robbing players with seeds. This is another way to succeed in game :)

One way or another we found couple Wheat seeds. Use Sow Wheat ability from Farming skill


Now observe who your plants growing. Gather seeds with Farming → Harvest ability and repeat from the beginning...

Just planted




Ready to be harvested


Detailed information about how crops are growing may be found in this article

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