One does not simply leave this sacred land. If you will decide to farewell our hospitable island, you should acquaint with Ferryman, who lives in a tower of crashed ships. This tower can be noticed by a giant pillar of light, proudly rising on the north.  But, in case if you will get lost, we will supply you with a small

You are welcome

After you get to the Ferryman, you will be offered to pay the price and leave the Newbie Island with a ticket to the mainland, where the great deeds are being done and where the history will be written.

  • Sail to Abella - Ferryman will ask you for a ticket which will be consumed permanently
  • Another island - It might be that you start your journey with your friends and you were placed on a differeте island. This answer gives you an opportunity to unite
  • Stay here - use this option if you change your mind

Sail to Abella will check if you have a spare ticket and offer you to buy one in case you already use them all.


You can buy this ticket from Ferryman relatively or in in-game shop. Also, a certain amount tickets will be granted to you once you purchase either Starter or Believer Pack. These tickets are undroppable and will stay in your inventory right until the moment you decide to use them.

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