skill is an ability that allows a character to do a set of actions within the game and enhances when being utilized. The skill enhancement affects primary and secondary stats and increases depending on the difficulty of the action conducted by the character. Some skills have prerequisites which are required to be attained before new actions could be performed or a new skill is unlocked.


Unlocking a new skill requires level 30 in the previous one. To raise the level of this skill above 29.00, you need to reach Level 60 in your previous skill. Skills are measured from 0 to 100. Reaching skill level 90 will be relatively easy (2-5 days of “powergaming” or few weeks of relaxed evening gaming) and will give access to full powers in a skill. Reaching skill level 100 will take a HUGE amount of effort and may be required to do Q100 work in some skills. For example a Q100 sprout planted with a Forestry skill of 99, results in a Q99 tree. Look at Skills (the L function) then skills then crafting - and click any item to see the advantages of being of skill 100 - such as BONUS quality of produced goods, etc. Any item whose level <0> skill says "maximum quality of..." means that the quality of whatever the skill relates to is limited by your skill level.


When a certain skill point has been reached a character earns a rank for that specific skill.

Boosted Skill Level

In your skill screen (default key: L) each skill has two levels; one in white and one in green. Your skill's actual Level, noted in white, is your raw skill level, independent of any modifiers. The second number, noted in green, is your boosted skill. The skill is boosted inversely proportionate to your level, based on the primary and secondary stats associated with the skill, as well as any skill-specific equipment you may have equipped.

In the early stages of leveling a skill, you may notice your stat boosted skill level is much higher than your actual skill level, even as high as 20 points higher. However, as the skill levels up, the boost will taper off, and many high level skills will see very little improvement.

Boosted skill levels do NOT unlock new crafting recipes or skill bonuses, only the base skill level does.


There are three types of skills available in the game. To see them in the game, press L, and choose "skills".

  • Crafting - allows the character to craft different kinds of items, and construct different types of buildings.
  • Combat - allows the character to equip certain weapons and different types armors, ride horses, and construct siege weapons.
  • Minor - allows the character to do certain in-game actions that could be used for interacting with other characters.


The crafting skills are divided into three skill branches and the combat skills into two skill branches with additionally six independant combat skills. Branches are different from each other and provides the character with a different set of actions that are useful for progressing the character, the guild, or in the game. Although, it is noteworthy that some complex items and buildings requires two or more branches in order to be crafted and built respectively. Most of the skills along the way are subdivided into not one but two skill branches.


Every branch in crafting and combat skills are further subdivided into four, excluding the independant skills. Each tier is required to reach a specific skill point before unlocking the next tier within that branch.

Crafting skills

Crafting skills, also known as Peaceful skills, allows the player interact and craft with different objects in the game.


Crafting skills | Artisan.png Artisan
Artisan.png Artisan ⇒ Carpentry.png Carpentry ⇒ Bowcraft.png Bowcraft ⇒ Warfare Engineering.png Warfare engineering
Artisan.png Artisan ⇒ Construction.png Construction ⇒ Masonry.png Masonry ⇒ Architecture.png Architecture
    ⇒ Masonry.png Masonry ⇒ Building Maintain.png Building maintain
Artisan.png Artisan ⇒ Digging.png Digging ⇒ Mining.png Mining ⇒ Prospecting.png Precious prospecting
    ⇒ Mining.png Mining ⇒ Jewelry.png Jewelry
Artisan.png Artisan ⇒ Construction Materials Preparation.png Materials preparation ⇒ Smelting.png Smelting ⇒ Forging.png Forging
    ⇒ Smelting.png Smelting ⇒ Armorsmithing.png Armorsmithing
Crafting skills | Nature's Lore.png Nature's lore
Nature's Lore.png Nature's lore ⇒ Herbalism.png Herbalism ⇒ Healing.png Healing ⇒ Alchemy.png Alchemy
Nature's Lore.png Nature's lore ⇒ Farming.png Farming ⇒ Forestry.png Forestry
  ⇒ Farming.png Farming ⇒ Advanced Farming.png Advanced farming ⇒ Brewing.png Brewing
    ⇒ Advanced Farming.png Advanced farming ⇒ Cooking.png Cooking
Crafting skills | Fishing Hunting.png Hunting
Fishing Hunting.png Hunting ⇒ Animal Lore.png Animal lore ⇒ Procuration.png Procuration ⇒ War Horse Training.png War horse handling
    ⇒ Procuration.png Procuration ⇒ Tailoring.png Tailoring



Combat skills

Combat skills enables the player to equip different types of weapons, armors, and horses, and craft objects that can be used for combat.


Combat skills
Mounted Fighting Mastery.png Cavalry ⇒ Heavy Horse Handling.png Knight ⇒ Lancing.png Lancer
Militia Service.png Militia ⇒ Spear Mastery.png Spearman ⇒ Poleaxes Mastery.png Guard
Axe And Mace Mastery.png Footman ⇒ 1H Blade Mastery.png Swordsman ⇒ Shield Mastery.png Huscarl
Throwing Weaponry.png Slinger ⇒ Bows Mastery.png Archer ⇒ Combat Preparation.png Ranger
2H Blade Mastery.png Assaulter ⇒ 2H Axes Mastery.png Vanguard ⇒ War Cries.png Berserk
Secondary combat skills
Unit Formation.png Unit and formation Equipment Maintain.png Equipment maintain First Aid.png Battle Survival Demolition.png Demolition  



Minor skills

Minors skills are additional, optional skills that can be improved by the player.


Minor skills
Lifting.png Movement   General moves.png General actions   Horseback Riding.png Horseback riding   Swimming.png Swimming
Authority.png Authority   Piety.png Piety   Mentoring.png Mentoring   Arts.png Arts



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