An in-game tutorial system should lead you through every game aspect and describe each attribute in details. You will also have possibility to check benefits with tooltips 




There are 5 statistics which determine which skills a player can use and how well they can be used:

  • Strength (Str). Each point of strength determines effective equipment weight by 5 points. Affects Stamina spend when wielding weapons. Does not increase attack damage.
  • Agility (Agi). Each point of agility increases ranged damage, attack frequency (recoil time after attack) and movement speed.
  • Constitution (Con). Each point of constitution awards +1 soft HP and +1 hard HP. Each point increases equipment capacity by 5 points.
  • Willpower (Will). Each point of willpower awards +1 soft Stamina, +1 hard Stamina, and carrying weight bonus by 2. More specifically, you get 1 point of carrying weight at the .25 and .75 marks (ex: 50.25, 50.75, etc). On top of that, you can carry double your weight limit, so each point of willpower effectively gives you 4 carrying capacity. Total carry weight with 109.75 Willpower is 640.
  • Intellect (Int). Each point of intellect awards +2 skill cap (both combat and craft).

Life is Feudal has a fixed Stat Cap currently set at 150, but each individual stat starts at 10, and cannot go lower than 10, meaning a single stat cannot be raised higher than 110. The only way to raise stats is to raise skills they are associated with as primary and secondary. For example, if you want to effectively raise your Strength you should do a lot of Logging or Mining activities. Performing Masonry or Carpentry activities will raise your Strength too, but not as much.

Note: Your stat will only go up if you're gaining skill in corresponding action. So if you perform Logging, Strength will only go up if you're gaining skill points in logging. Once at 100 (or locked) in a skill you will not get a stat increase from doing the action.

A 6th statistic, Luck, is divided into two categories. There is a general luck that affects almost all actions. There is also luck relating only to certain skills upon reaching 100 skill level. This luck can be increased by wearing appropriate gear or using advanced facilities.


Primary Secondary


Primary Secondary


Primary Secondary


Primary Secondary


Primary Secondary

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