You have confirmed the payment but purchase is not credited

If you have confirmed the payment with a code or text from sms your payment is most probably pending at the moment. Mobile payments may be processing from several hours up to 1 day. As soon as it is processed, the funds will be delivered to your gaming account and you will receive an e-mail to your account when the payment will be processed.

What to do?
If it does not happen, please contact us again so that we could contact the mobile payment provider for additional checking.

Error message saying you need to use another phone number to make a payment 


When you put your phone number, our system has checked for any available pricepoints for your mobile provider and the product that you have chosen. When you receive an error message stating that you cannot make payment from this phone number, this means that, unfortunately, there were no pricepoints found for you.

What to do?
In this case we would recommend you to use an alternative payment option.


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