This type of gift card can be redeemed only once and only fully

1. Enter gift card details and click "Check Balance" to get a trade-in offer. This will NOT charge your card.

2. View offer to trade in your gift card for in-game balance to apply towards your purchase.

3. Click "Pay Now" to accept offer and receive credits instantly. You forfeit ownership of the full remaining card balance.

The rest of your balance will be credited to your personal account balance that can be used for further purchases or as a discount to higher purchase.

Most common reasons for why your card is not being accepted: 

  • Your gift card is actually a prepaid credit card with a VISA or Mastercard logo. PayGarden doesn’t accept prepaid credit cards—only store-brand gift cards.

  • Your gift card was purchased from an international retailer outside the USA. Currently, PayGarden is only accepting gift cards from USA networks.

  • You may have forgotten to enter the complete PIN number (some cards require scratching off foil to reveal the PIN).

  • The gift card was obtained from an online gift-card marketplace such as,,,, etc. PayGarden is unable to reclaim the balance on many of these cards.

  • The remainder of the card’s balance is converted into online goods but isn’t enough for the purchase you’ve chosen. High commission rates apply to this type of card.

  • Brand is not supported. For further information on supported brands, please visit

You may also check out the this article.

If none of it works - contact the PayGarden support team.


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