In most cases error occurs if some of game files were not downloaded properly. This could be a game world or game files after patching.

This can be resolved by a single reloading the launcher. Launcher will download the missing files and the error should not appear.

If this didn't work for you try repairing the game from Launcher app.


This will cause manual re-download of all game files.


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    Александр Петрущенко

    I am too tired to do all steps..... i just wanna play...please fix it.

    1. i allready use connecttogameserver to fix the patching world. - it's not working and i allways dissconnect with this error
    2. i tried to wait for patching and always stuck on some procent of patching world -
    3. also i triend to restart a launcher and repaired it - still now working for me.

    PLEASE DO SOMETHING......i buy this game and i wanna play....

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    This does not fix the issue, just like the man above I have the same problem. I'm trying to connect from Australia but people have told me that should not be an issue.

    I'm very keen to play and it has worked at points but now refuses to for no particular reason.

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    nathan cranston

    same does not work for me and iv done all that stuff above and iv had the game for 2 days and haven't played it yet its pissing me off fix it now plz      and before you update the game and add new stuff can you fix the bugs that we are all getting that is not being able to join the game cause i dont care about new stuff in the game because i cant even play it

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    nathan cranston

    still getting the same problem  its been 13 days and not fixed are yous scamming me 

    coz thats what it feels like yous are doing

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    its pure bullshit, bought the game but not receiving fucking help from the dev


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    Alecsandro Almeida Ramalho


    Crie um novo personagem, carregue o jogo com ele e depois saia do jogo.

    Agora abra o jogo com sua personagem principal e pronto o jogo vai recarregar normalmente.

    Observação: Quando for sair do jogo ou trocar de personagem, deixe sair em 30 segundos.

    Sorted out

    Create a new character, load the game with it and then quit the game (let it out in 30 seconds).

    Now open the game with your main character and ready the game will reload normally.

    Note: When leaving the game or changing characters, let it out in 30 seconds.
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