Select Steam icon on the website in the pop-up window.

Right after selection you will be redirected to the following page where you need to enter Steam account credentials to proceed.

After you enter all the details, you will be redirected to the page where you need to enter the e-mail for validation.

Right after you click "Submit" the following window will pop-up:

On the e-mail you've entered there will be a message sent to validate your account&

Check the inbox(dont forget the spam folder) and locate the following e-mail:

After you click "Validate now" you will be redirected to the Life is Feudal website and already be logged in with your Steam account linked. 

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    I did all this but it is still saying I do not own the game and I can't get on mmo

    Edited by Johan
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    Arnas Alaburda

    I own LIF:YO. I registered on LIF web, linked acc, done everything correctly... While my crew is working their asses off. I am sitting here like what kind of bamboozle is this. I still can't download the game... Since I "Don't own it"...



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    Elmar Johansson

    cant download it, i have no download-link, im in groupo "YO owner" and steam is verified, i tried everything but no DL-link

  • 1
    Gav Wordsworth

    i cant open my settings, when i click settings it logs me out :/


  • 2

    I did all this but it is still saying  CR_INVALID_ACCOUNT

  • 0
    Eric H. Smith

    Same as above


  • 1
    Stryker 2099

    same here, still no response from the admins, bloody terrible service for a paid sub

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