I have not  received the Life is Feudal: MMO key
If you’ve made a successful payment but you don’t see the key in the email you’ve received, please note that you are not supposed to get an actual MMO key. As with the purchase of a Believer pack you are granted access to MMO, you get an Activation link in your email (you can also click on it on the payment receipt after completing a payment successfully).
It’s even easier if you have been logged in when buying: in this case MMO key purchased will automatically be activated when your payment is completed.


When am I supposed to get a bonus Life is Feudal: Your Own key
Life is Feudal: Your Own key goes together with a Zealous Believer or Devoted Believer pack and is sent in a separate email immediately after a purchase has been completed successfully.


I have not received a bonus Life is Feudal: Your Own key
In case you have bought a Zealous Believer or Devoted Believer pack and have not received a bonus Life is Feudal: Your Own key please make sure that you’ve checked the Spam folder: the YO key is sent in a separate email (not together with MMO activation link). 
If still can’t find the email with the key, please contact us. 
Please note that True Believer pack does not include Life is Feudal: YO key.


Where do I download the game
You will receive the instruction to download Life is Feudal: MMO launcher via email. If you have not received the email please reach us for assistance.


Will the game be locked by IP 
The game is not locked by IP. You may enter your account from multiple locations.


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