Below is a list of issues that you can probably face while logging into the game account or on the website.

Connection error. Error code: (CR_INVALID_ACCOUNT).

Error occurs if you forgot to do the main thing after you did the payment - you haven't activated the purchased package. To resolve this you need to locate the payment confirmation on your e-mail and click "Activate link". After this the package will be bound to your account. If you haven't received the payment confirmation - you can contact Xsolla. They will gladly help you and re-send the payment confirmation manually. You can reach them

Stuck on Initializing.

We have almost fixed all the reasons for this error but some players still can encounter it. If you are encountering this issue right now, please try to do the following:

Make sure that the game is not set up in the APPDATA folder and launcher is ran as admin.

  1. Open the console right after you hit play already in game. You can open console by clicking ctrl+~. Wait till the game will be launched.
  2. When stuck on "Initializing" open the console and enter the command connecttogameserver().
  3. Open the launcher, click Options - Repair. Retry after installation.

If none of this helped - please send us recent log files and dxdiag to This will help us to investigate.

Error "Something went wrong..."

Error occurs if some of your pre-installed software affects the launcher activity. Firewall and Anti-virus software can cause this error. To avoid this - add all Launcher and Life is Feudal activities to the whitelist/exceptions of your Firewall or Antivirus and run launcher as admin.

Can't sign in with Facebook/Steam/G+

Some of you may have their accounts created with social network credentials. When you try to log into the game in launcher it can lead to you to authorization page but there could be no following pop-up window in browser:

If you haven't received, try to do the following:

1. Copy the link that you have in your browser after the attempt and paste it in another browser (IE, Chrome, Firefox).

2. You always can generate a password for your account. Follow this article to do that.

Launcher is not downloading the game/low download speed

Some of you may face issues while downloading the game. If the connection speed is too low or 0kb/s, try to go into the launcher settings and deactivate P2P connection.

Some internet providers can block this type of connection.

If Launcher downloads a part and then stops - try pausing the process and continue.

Please note that we are getting aware of download issues firsthand. If you are having download trouble, try to download the game later - it might be already fixed. If not - submit your request at and attach the file serverAnswer.xml. You can find it in the directory with launcher executive file.

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