Hey everyone,


We’d like to share some WiP screenshots and accompanying information about a few cool things we’ve been working on - we hope you like!

We have finished the modelling and texturing of the native NPCs, as well as some native decorations.



Creating the behavior scenarios for each of them awaits us in the near-future.


Guiding your way through the dark nights is imperative to your survival - alas, as well as lighting your way, torches may also be used as a weapon! Thus, we have created a new ‘Siege Torch’, which you’ll be able to try in action soon!



And to round it off for today: we finished concept art for padded armors, Gottlung's style [i](op, op, op, op, oppa Gottlung style!)[/i]. At some point, we would like you to be able to choose the armor style to match the race of your character, unrelated to the type of armor itself.



Thanks for reading this week’s dev news!


-The team

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