Hey everyone!

Since the Early Access release of Life is Feudal:Your Own in September 2014, and since its full release in November 2015, we have definitely lacked that feeling of perpetual motion, excitement and 24/7 working schedule before and after the launch of Closed Beta tests! “Burning anthill” is the best description of what our small studio house has looked like in the last few days.

We estimated that one server node will begin to die and eventually crash after 200 players are in it. Well, node 25 has been proven to hold 368 players simultaneously before it crashed. We do not know how this is even possible at the current stage of development and server side optimizations :)

We want to thank all participants for helping us to gather all the valuable performance and bug data. We remind you that it is the first time ever that we have such a massive test of Life is Feudal: MMO with a peak of concurrent users topping 800 users yesterday!

Right now, our top priority is to increase stability and performance of our servers along with fixes of critical issues that you guys report.

Thank you once more for being awesome and for understanding those issues you may stumble upon while playtesting our game!

- The team
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    theI want to play the MMO !!! I bought the game 1 year ago, just to play the MMO, but untilo now i coldnt. :(

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    Yes I could not also. 3 days ago I bought but during to connection message coming about " server closed" do you have same problem ? 

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