Requirements to place a new monument

  • You have to be a leader
  • 10+ guild members. How to create a guild
  • Allowed substances to erect a monument
    • Fertile soil
    • Forest soil
    • Steppe soil (just soil in your inventory)
    • Clay
  • 204 meters away from other monuments. Level 4 monument maximum radius (200 meters) + 4 meters buffer zone. 
    • Error message: "Your personal claim cannot overlap with other personal claims and must be at least 2 tiles away from their borders"
  • 100 meters away from server border
    • Error message: "God does not allow you to claim these lands!"


Upgrade a monument

The main difference with YO is that your monument level doesn't limit maximum players in a guild. Maximum claim radius, level progression bar and support points consumption rate are still here.

In addition to mandatory requirement with progress bar to be filled in completely, there are couple new checks

  • Authority level 30/60/90 requires upgrading monument level to 2/3/4 respectively
  • Temporary: minimum radius requirement in order to upgrade to a next level. 63/108/162 radius in meters for level 2/3/4 upgrades


Maximum claim radius per monument level. 1 tile = 2x2 meters

Monument level

Town radius(meters)

Additional, Realm radius(meters)

Total (meters)
1 40 30 70
2 40 80 120
3 40 130 170
4 40 160 200


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